I stand for greater empowerment of local government units and establishment of regional clusters for increased economic benefits at the grassroots.


I therefore propose the amendments to the Local Government Code that will accomplish the following:

  • Increase allocation of Internal Revenue Allotment based on performance and its automatic release to local government units (LGUs)
  • Create a Police Youth Reserve Corps to help in peace, order and disaster response
  • Establish and support Community Colleges offering courses attuned to their needs of communities where that are located; LGUs with the most resources will shoulder a greater part of the funding for community colleges, while LGUs with the least resources will receive a greater share of funding assistance from the national government


Photo source: Asia Development Bank

I stand for disaster preparedness and speedy rehabilitation for greater resiliency in the face of climate change.


I therefore propose that the national government allocate funds to a Community Rehabilitation/Recovery Trust Fund for LGUs.


I also propose setting up a well-planned system for rehabilitating communities adversely affected by natural and man-made disasters, with the assistance of the private sector, through appropriate tax incentives, and urban renewal programs.



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I stand for the protection of our natural environment, the integrity of the ecology, and food security so that future generations of Filipinos can live sustainably


I therefore propose for the establishment of special environmental courts solely to try cases involving damages made to Mother Nature and its harmful effects on the citizens.


Photo source: earth law center

I stand for environmental justice or “Green Justice,” believing that our ecosystem is a gift from God which should be improved and preserved for future generations, and all should be accountable.


I therefore propose the practice of responsible mining coupled with assured revenues for host communities to be used for sustainable community development projects.


In addition, I propose that tax holidays be given to environment-friendly companies and enterprises as incentives.


I also propose the provision of farm subsidiaries in the form of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program for farmers, a large majority of whom are poor, in order to level the playing field between our agriculture sector and those of other countries



Photo source: fairmind.org

I stand for the importance of having clean, accessible and potable drinking water. I propose the creation of a Department of Water Resources Management to ensure the access of all Filipinos to safe potable water.


Photo srouce: Green Empowerment

I stand for a healthy youth who are the real wealth of our nation and who will bring us to prosperity.


I therefore propose that children in school automatically direct beneficiaries of PhilHealth and educational health insurance as an effective way of investing in their future and in the future of our country.


Photo source: OFW Pinoy Star

I stand for the greater participation and empowerment of women in the labor force to unleash their full potential for economic development.


I therefore propose womens’ statutory right to wellness and health facilities for their children.


Photo source: scmp.com

I stand for better rights for our teachers who mold the minds of our children.


I therefore propose the establishment of a National Teachers Medical Centre to ensure their well-being.


Photo source: Educo Philippines

I stand for improved quality of life for our senior citizens, believing in their great contribution to society.


I therefore propose their continuing education and the reintegration of those qualified and willing to appropriate positions in the labor force, and increase retirement benefits.



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